Internship Program

We'll work together to tailor an internship or field work assignment to meet your academic requirements and interests. Great for students majoring in Human Services, Psychology, Social Work, Non-Profit Management or Leadership, Marketing, Communications, Recreation or still trying to figure out what exactly you want to do!

Adult Volunteers

We have a ton of volunteer opportunities!  Whether you want to become a one-on-one mentor, a Girls on the Run coach, help out at a program, in the office, with a fundraising event or present a workshop or hold a conversation on something you're passionate about... let's make it happen!

Youth Volunteers

Want to volunteer for fun, or need to complete your graduation or confirmation requirements?  We have lots to do here!  Sign on to complete a specific number of hours, or volunteer once in a while, and gain valuable experience... benefiting you in the future AND your community right now!

Email and let us know about the ways you're interested in getting involved.
We would be thrilled to have you join the Naugatuck Youth Services family!